Andreas Kindler von Knobloch gives good hugs. : exhibition text for artist Andreas Kindler von Knobloch's solo exhibition In Support at Mermaid Arts Centre, 2016.

"Andreas Kindler von Knobloch gives good hugs. I have always thought of the dynamic of the hug as similar to that of the handshake. There’s either a powerplay, or there isn’t. And with Andreas, there isn’t. What exists instead is a recognition of the other person – not the other/otherness in opposition but a connection to otherness, a meeting point, on equal footing. Where a handshake might signify a politics of formality, a hug signifies a politics of friendship. The powerplay is replaced by a question of trust. It’s about intimacy." Read more here:

Mermaid Arts Centre, Bray, Co. Wicklow (22 July - 3 September 2016)


VAWF 2016: the fifth day-long gathering of Visual Arts Workers Forum, bringing together workers in the visual arts for open conversation and debate. Hosted by Lewis Glucksman Gallery and Cork Midsummer Festival, Cork, and programmed with myself and Tessa Giblin.

Lewis Glucksman Gallery, University College Cork (June 24, 2016).


This is Public & Sexy: a collection of artworks, choreographers and minor dramas performed live for one-night only. Presented by Kate Strain and I, as RGKSKSRG, with studio 468/Common Ground. Featuring – in order of appearance – Emma Haugh (IE/DE), Vivian Ziherl (AU/NL), Stéphane Béna Hanly (IE), James Moran (IE), Dennis McNulty (IE), Dan Walwin (UK/NL), Anne Strain (IE), Sibyl Montague (IE), Moira Brady Averill (US/IE), Tomaso De Luca (IT), Christopher Mahon (IE), Emily Mast (US), Angela Fulcher (UK/IE), NCAD Student Bodies (IE), RGKSKSRG (IE), and Emma Haugh (IE/DE), again.

With thanks to Common Ground, Rialto Development Association, Ellis King Gallery, Alex Synge, and private patrons.

St Andrews Community Centre, Rialto, Dublin 8

(Saturday 6 February 2016)

Photograph by Louis Haugh.


World-renowned opera singer Fritzi Massary dressed as a rooster in 1912...

VAWF 2015: the fourth day-long gathering of Visual Arts Workers Forum, bringing together workers in the visual arts for open conversation and debate. Hosted by Ormston House, at the former Belltable Arts Centre, 69 O'Connell Street, Limerick, and programmed by Mary Conlon, with myself and Tessa Giblin.

Former Belltable Arts Centre, 69 O'Connell Street, Limerick (May 29, 2015).


I like to eat with my hands: the framing, selection, and event series by RGKSKSRG (myself and Kate Strain) for Cow House Studios Residency Programme, Wexford, 2015. Related group exhibition at Wexford Arts Centre in 2016, curated by RGKSKSRG.

In partnership with Cow House Studios, Wexford Arts Centre and Wexford County Council (upcoming 2015-2016)

Image (still from GIF) courtesy Fiona Hallinan.


Heaven, gentle, love, or progress: a group exhibition which borrows from Black Church Print Studio's vast archival collection, looking at historiography, collectivity and printmaking as a self-preserving activity, through the lens of the late screenprints of Michael Byrne (1924-1989). Featuring amongst others, new works by Paul Bailey, Andreas Kindler von Knobloch, Hadrien Laroche, Aïda Bangoura, and Andrew Folan.


The Re-appropriation of Sensuality: artist Emma Haugh, working with myself and Kate Strain as RGKSKSRG, towards an expanded exhibition at NCAD Gallery, Dublin, in November/ December 2015. The project developed over a 9-month residency at studio 468, with a Realisation Award from Common Ground, Dublin, from May 2015 to January 2016.

Kindly supported by Dublin City Council.

Common Ground/studio 468, and NCAD Gallery, Dublin (May 2015 - January 2016)

Image courtesy Emma Haugh, 2014.


VAWF 2014: the third day-long gathering of Visual Arts Workers Forum, bringing together workers in the visual arts for open conversation and debate. Presented by Project Arts Centre, and co-organised by myself, Tessa Giblin, and Sean O'Sullivan, with additional input by Vaari Claffey.

Project Arts Centre, Dublin (May 9, 2014).

Image by David Upton, 2014.


Tonight, you can call me Trish: exhibition featuring artists Alan Butler (IE), Mark Durkan (IE), Mary-Jo Gilligan (IE), Oliver Laric (AT), Rachel Maclean (UK), Eilis McDonald (IE), Brenna Murphy (US), James Ó hAodha (IE), Pilvi Takala (FI). Curated by RGKSKSRG (myself and Kate Strain), as part of the DCC/The LAB Curator Award 2014.

The LAB Gallery, Dublin (7 February – 22 March 2014).

Photograph Denis Mortell, 2014.


VAWF Gear-up: the Visual Arts Workers Forum Gear-up was a think tank for interested participants to debate what is most critical and urgent for visual arts workers now. The issues and content raised in this session were used to programme Visual Arts Workers Forum 2014, which will took place May 9 at Project Arts Centre, Dublin. 
Temple Bar Gallery + Studios, Dublin, as part of the exhibition, The Workers Café curated by Rayne Booth (30 October 2013)

RGKSKSRG: it's official, myself and Kate Strain are a curatorial couple.

Spring 2013 - present


Image courtesy Project Arts Centre, Dublin; with background artwork Angela Fulcher (IE), Hurry On Sundown, 2010
Thinking (ongoing)...
"Rosa Luxemburgo, Simone De Beauvoir y Emma Goldman en la playa, fumando pipa (1930s)"

Visual Arts Workers Forum 2012: the second in a series of forums gathering together workers in the Visual Arts in Ireland for open conversation and debate. Presented by Lewis Glucksman Gallery and National Sculpture Factory, Cork, and co-organised with myself and Tessa Giblin (core founding members of VAWF).

//Lewis Glucksman Gallery, Cork (May 17, 2012)



826: an inky blue-black score written in collaboration with Siobhán McDonald, and an invitation to its future live performance on Killaun Bogland Reserve, Co.Offaly, in August 2011

//Public Gesture 2011, The LAB Gallery, Dublin (May 13 - 19, 2011)

Time-specific, site-responsive, the score was originally composed onsite at Killaun, with an Audience-of-One

//Killaun Bogland Reserve, Birr, County Offaly (March 16, 2011)

This work was initiated by Alchemical Reserve, an exhibition by Siobhán McDonald & Jessica Foley, The Joinery, Dublin (2011).


Work it.

Work it.: a souped-up seminar day to help us all walk the talk. Organised by Visual Arts Workers Forum (VAWF) - myself, Tessa Giblin, Anne Lynott, Emma-Lucy O'Brien and Ruairí Ó Cuív.

//Project Arts Centre, Dublin (April 20, 2011)


Score for 51°57'N 08°40'W'

Score for 51°57'N 08°40'W': a co-authored sound installation by PALLASADES (2008, 2010, 2011), a collective of 6 artists/writers/curators; myself, Tracy Hanna, Michelle Hall, Fiona Chambers, Imelda Barnard, Sharon Murphy

//The Black Mariah, in collaboration with Pallas Contemporary Projects, Dublin, at Triskel Arts Centre, Cork (December 2010 - January 2011)


Social Notations (AKA The Revolutionaries III)

Social Notations (AKA The Revolutionaries III): a collective happening by myself and various participants/dancers, as part of ongoing research sessions on and around Contact Improvisation Dance.
//Studio 5, DanceHouse, Dublin (October 2010)

(Unplanned, with some whistling, an 'audience of/for one' and no documentation.)

See Being (and the State of Leaving Doors Open on a Windy Day) for a socio-political/philosophical/academic translation...
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danceimprovisationireland (via facebook)

Social Notations (AKA The Revolutionaries II)

Social Notations (AKA The Revolutionaries II): performed by myself, James Kelly and Stephen Gaughan as part of Transversal,
a dance and performance art event
curated by Fergus Byrne & Deirdre Murphy
// Block T, Dublin (October 2010)

Block T

(in-progress, in-situ))
Social Notations (AKA The Revolutionaries II) is the second of a series of live, site-responsive soundscapes performed by myself with a loose collective of professional musicians, within various contexts

Audio for playing while you move onto something else...

Audio excerpt, 3' 59"
(from original live performance, 45')

[Social Notations (AKA The Revolutionaries II) was previously known as Quiet Revolutions II] 

Social Notations (AKA The Revolutionaries I)

Image courtesy of Shane McKenna (2009)
Social Notations (AKA The Revolutionaries I): performed live with James Kelly as part of Public Gesture 2010
// The LAB Gallery, Dublin (June 2010)


More audio for playing while you move onto something else...
Audio excerpt, 2' 49"
(from original live performance, 45')

[Social Notations (AKA The Revolutionaries I) was previously known as Quiet Revolutions I]